Money-Spraying: The Church Authority Should Be Blamed For This. The truth we are always shy of.

Lack of strict policies will result to excessiveness and abuse. On this note, the CCC Authority needs to do more than just issuing Memo at any controversy or Negative news in the Church. There is need for strict policies and due process to ensure these directives are adhered to and offenders especially the Shepherds and any Church Top-Rank to be sanctioned Accordingly.

The Church Authority issued a Memo Sometime ago around the year 2014 against the Spraying of Money in Church but they(Authority) even break the Law themselves. This has encouraged more awful acts and then you realise that in this aspect the Church Authority may be doing more harm than good to the Church.

A recent mayhem is a viral video showing some guys spraying money wildly into the air in the manner of Showoff(Owambe) in a CCC Parish. And to make the negative video go viral, some CCC blogs may have uploaded it to social media. Don’t be surprised if you see it on TundeEdnut or Instablog sooner or later. Week after week there is one or few negative trends about the Church. How long will this continue?

It is disheartening seeing SOME Church Top-Ranks, Province heads, Circuit heads, District heads, MPICs, Shepherds & Church Influencers in the habit of Spraying money in the Church. They represent the Church Authority in the grassroot level. They defy the directives of the Church Hierarchy yet No single person has been sanctioned!

WHY is the Authority defying the Directives made by them for the Church?
WHY is there no sanction for offenders(Shepherds etc)?

I expect the MPICs, Province Heads and Shepherds to lead by example on any Directive by the Church Authority.

Some people will spray money on others and at the Choir in a parish because the Shepherd do not have discipline. A shepherd will make such act because even his superiors at the Church Authority are the kings of such act. Now tell me, why would you blame only the shepherd in this recent video? The Church Authority should be blamed more!

Many of us will have issue with this writeup because you also love spraying money on people or being sprayed. You love the Owambe styles in Church programs. Some of your mentors are the Shepherds and big CCC Names doing this same act. Change your ways and stop being shy of this truth. Enough is enough!

The Memos by the Church Authority are not even respected by the Shepherds. The Church needs to do more than just issuing Memo.

I wish the Shepherd of the Parish in the video can be sanctioned by the Province head but I also wonder if the Province/Circuit Head in charge of that jurisdiction is innocent of same money-spraying offence.

Issuing Memo is not enough! Critical Enforcement and due process to ensuring compliance are also needed. The Authority should Start sanctioning Province Heads, MPICs, Shepherds and there would be improvement to obeying the directives in the Church Memo. Hold them responsible for the discipline of the Parishes/Shepherds in their Jurisdiction.

Written by Seun Elijah.

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