First, before reading this piece, I would like you to do so with a plain mind.

Looking critically at the place we have found ourselves in the Christendom today, we notice the church being partakers with things of the world outside the biblical injunctions of 2 Cor. 6:14.

But where we fail to ask the question is ‘What role have I played as an individual in the derailing of the church?’. The earlier we discover this and make a U-turn the better for everyone and let us stop pointing fingers at the wrongs of others.

Celestial Church Of Christ is not just a church but Christ Himself. No man can ruin or tarnish her image. It’s high time we embrace the true gospel of Christ and do away with our love for material wealth and ecclesiastical positions.

Our greed is gradually consuming us yet we fail to realise this. Hence the question, CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST, WHICH WAY???

…voice of the pen
#The_Oracle ✍🏽

© Olusoga Michael

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