Perfume is good but see these 11 ways it can kill….

Perfume is an important element in some Churches but just as it is good, it is important that we know its danger and hazards.

Perfume is good but dangerous when sprayed/sprinkled near any fire.

Let’s avoid perfume abuse;

Perfume contains a large quantity of alcohol: It is intoxicant.
a) It can make you dizzy/intoxicated when you drink raw perfume or water containing too much of perfume.
b) Also, water containing too much of perfume can cause health issues.

When Omi Iyasimimo (holy water) is not see-through or whitish/cloudy in colour; DON’T DRINK! If you must drink from such, please dilute with some water.
It is stupid to drink perfume raw! Run away from such prophet/person.

Perfume is inflammable! Don’t spray/sprinkle or be sprayed near any kind of fire. One may get burnt or unfortunately die from burns complications.

It can be irritant on some skin when poured too much.
NB: Its not a must to be poured Perfume before you can get in spirit or give spiritual message.

Avoid perfume in your eyes! Avoid it if you love/need your eyes out of danger.

It is advisable to dilute perfume with water before spraying on person(s) or congregation. You might have been putting some members in health danger unknowingly.

Perfumes contain alcohol and will naturally cause an excitement/charge in you when sprayed/sprinkled on you JUST like a Gin drink will also cause same when sprinkled on you unknowingly.

Remember, excessiveness is bad!


Be careful of ignorant/stubborn Sidemen who abuse the use of perfume.

Clergy must be careful and soft on how they spray/sprinkle perfume on person(s) and congregation. Imagine the perfume entering inside delicate areas like the eyes, nostrils and ears.
Stop wetting people’s cloth/garment especially through the head/neck all for the sake of getting them into spirit.
I wish such custom can be stopped.

Because you have not experienced the danger of perfume hazard doesn’t mean it is not dangerous. Many people have been hurt/burnt and having everlasting scars through this, few killed by this and many having health issues unknowingly due to their constant intake of perfume or heavily diluted perfumed water.
God is our protector but you also have a large role to play in keeping yourself safe.

(11) [Bonus]
ALWAYS REMEMBER, some Clergy(Shepherds, Prophets, Sidemen, Evangelists) are still ignorant and stubborn of the perfume being hazardous.
It is your duty to be Cautious and respectful in approaching them if necessary.

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