Purpose Before Partner: A Wrong Spouse Can Hinder Your Calling

The design of God for you in the progression of life is that you discover your purpose in Him before settling down with another with whom you can both fulfill purpose together. It is an error to delve into marriage not having known your God-given purpose in life.

God gave Eve to Adam not because he was merely interested in marriage, but because he wanted them to fulfill purpose together. He called Eve Adam’s help meet(Gen 2:18), her purpose therefore was to help Adam fulfill the dominion mandate(Gen 1:26)

In the same way, God has called us into different places to act as His witness, and you need someone to align with your purpose in God. If you are a minister of God, you need a woman who as well is passionate about ministry and can support you in prayer and other necessary ways. If you are a chorister, passionate about singing for God, you need a man who will not stop you from going to rehearsal.

It is therefore important to know your calling(purpose), and put that into consideration when choosing a spouse as God would lead you.

May we not chose wrongly in Jesus name.

By Olorunfemi Michael Ayokunle

Image: Oluso Johnson Adeniyi & Wife.

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