All Celestians Must See This! The Need For Spiritual Revival In CCC

Quote: If men do not prepare themselves to carry the fire, when the fire of revival rains, it will fall on empty ground.
But God would not waste the rain of revival fire. He needs sanctified men that would sustain the impact of the rain afterwards.

Why Revival?
We need revival because this is not what and where God wants us to be. This is not the Celestial Church God planted.

We have succeeded in recreating our own Celestial Church where everything goes our way.

God wants us to be alive in Him but we are alive to the world and slumbering in the Lord.

We have lost the consciousness of our nakedness as exposed by our sins, and we are no more ashamed of our actions.

The leaders of God’s people are not living by example and the followers alike.

Who would correct a leader and not be dealt with, who would speak the truth and not be considered arrogant and rebellious.

Unfortunately, talking about it behind them rather than confronting them has become the norm.

Followers are only seeking the kingdom of God if only there is extra energy left after seeking the kingdom of food, drinks, clothes, ranks, and shelter.

They seem to aim at living a good life and impressing the society, with a false desire for God.

We need revival because our worship has evolved into religious routine.

Our worship is only a regular meeting with unique flavors from skillful shepherds, prophets and choristers, as observed from parish to parish.

We follow the order of service but not of worship. There is no deep sense of the need for God in our gathering, we simply come to pray, collect from God, appreciate him with our dance and rejoice with our friends.

Although we may enjoy prophetic declarations but it’s been a long time we experienced back to back sound teachings from the pulpit.

We listen to sermons but it’s been a long time we genuinely feel sober after one.

Although we have prophetic messages but it’s been a while we are convicted of our wrong doings

Only a few members can measure their spiritual growth in an upward direction within the past years, most of those who grow had their nourishment from personal commitment and not what the church provides.

We should ask what tool there is in the church today that is still functional for the spiritual growth of members.

Or we should even start by clearly identifying what spiritual growth is

Dangerous and desperate men in cassock are many among the shepherds, fraudsters are now wearing four corner duping and deceiving people

Practices common to that of African traditional religions are publicly being carried out without any shame

Most of our shepherds are not adequately prepared to be leaders of a 21st century congregation

Oh, we are experts in coordinating annual festivals but novice in coordinating evangelism

We have about 40% male population as one evangelist or the other but nothing to show for soul winning

Some believe there is no other way things should be but this way.

Some even said the church is a place for sick people and we are all sick.

They assume the church (the body of Christ) cannot be a perfect place.

We need to come to that point where we will know deep down in us and above all things that we are going to meet God at that physical place of worship.

We need to come to that point where after each service we can truly say we have worshipped.

We must come to that point when there will be an unexplainable joy in us because we want to be at the Bible study class, and not wanting to close or anxiously waiting for the next edition.

We must come to that point where each man would esteem living in holiness and staying clear of sin, when we can boldly sing “so we lift up holy hands in one accord”

We must come to that point when we will be shameful about sin.

When it will become an abomination to share sinful indulgence with a church friend right in the church premises

When we would take God seriously, fear and love him. When each man would genuinely be seeking to know more of God

This is the time we are looking up to, trusting God that it will sweep across every parish in Celestial Church of Christ worldwide

Where money and position will not divide but unite us in God’s purpose

A spiritual awakening that will bring about holy living, transformation as well as reformation

May the Lord revive Celestial Church of Christ

By Ldr Adegboye Samson

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