One of the strongest convictions, that sincerely proved that Celestial church truely comes from the throne of God, is the label “LULI”, which symbolises GRACE it accompanied.

Celestial church is the church of grace.
Affirming that, is the cogent reason while the church came with a word “LULI” which implies GRACE.

Celestial church of Christ, is a church of grace, for Christ and grace are synonymous.

Hence, if we call her CELESTIAL CHURCH OF GRACE, we still mean the same thing as CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST, for Christ is the grace.

Celestial church and Christ are inseparable, for Christ himself is the founder of the church, which made him named the church after his own name – Christ, and the mandate he represent which is -Grace.

Celestial church is Grace mandated, because it is the ‘Last boat of salvation, commissioned to cleanse the world.

Written by;
© Supreme Oki Kehinde Julius.

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