Jesus did not become the Christ, because he healed the sick, raised Lazarus from grave, born of virgin Mary, turned water into wine or perform all other mouth opening miracles.
Jesus did not even become the Christ, because Matthew 28:18 says ” all power in heaven & on earth, has been given unto him”

Jesus singularly becomes the Christ, because he died, conquered the hades & resurrected, of which these afformentioned actions of his, repaired the aged long damaged relationship between Man & God, which in return, reconciled men back to their creator.

During B.C, innumerable messengers and servant of God, in the likes of major & minor prophet were sent with power, yet none can fit in, into the office of a Christ.
None is capable of paying the price, of what to pay, in becoming CHRIST.

Moses only displayed LAW!
Elijah displayed FIRE!
Noah displayed ARK!
Isaiah displayed PROPHESIES!
Jeremiah displayed LAMENTATION!
Only Christ displayed LIFE!
And he paid with his life, hitherto.
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends” – John 15:13

Until Christ’s death, we dare not approach or access God, without not being accompanied by the blood of goats & sheeps, all for the remission of sins -which was thence faulty.

It was after his death, we gracefully received the master key, to boldly unclock the door sin has locked for ages and boldly come into the throne of grace, to obtain mercy and find grace to help, in times of need (Hebrew 4:6)

We took so much confidence in the animal blood, despite we knew he God delighted not in sacrifice, yet what can a poor man, who has become a slave to sin do?
This ‘confidence of blood’ we solely uphold as a mechanism that’s capable of cleansing away sin, prompted God into taking the best decision he has ever took, even before the time of creation till now, by sending his only begotten son, to die for the sin of man, with his blood serving as a remission, once and for all.

Once and for all, Jesus blood served as a remission, rendering all other bloods to be outdated, futiled & inutiled.

Even the animals today, are forever grateful to Jesus, for being their messiah, who liberated them, from being a continual instrument of sacrifice, for the atonement of sin.

“Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent”-John 17:3.

Jesus is the reason for this season.
He died for you!
He cares for you!
He loves you!


© Supreme Oki Kehinde Julius.

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