You Are Your Problem! Stop Downgrading The CCC Wednesday Seekers’ Service.

Most of us complain that seeker services isn’t as effective like it used to be. Yes I can say you are right but do you also know the roles you play in not making it effective?

No herbalist goes to the T-junction to drop his/her sacrifices, then snap first the sacrifice post on whatsap status & Instagram before proceeding to the drop it at the t junction.

Celestial Church Of Christ (CCC) Seeker service have rules and it says 3 kinds of fruits, one bottle water and a candle stick. When you get this, most of us first of all snap and post on social media waiting for human validation then expect God to accept such from you.

Not to forget how about the argument and fight you had on price before getting the items? You want to offer a sacrifice you have already argued on price with the seller and said alot to God almighty?

Should I talk about the ones that picked rotten fruits for the services?

Oh before I forget the gluttons, the ones who go to the service to pick someone else’s fruit?

Sit down & think; do you owe anyone an explanation on your status with your fruits and service rending to God?

Our social media handlers too not helping matters they just repost it and you say you have been attending this service for years and nothing good as happen in your life.

Do you even complete the service? When you are asked to lay down no be phone you Dey press? No be talk talk you Dey talk? When Angel Uriel appears to fix your broken body he meet you pressing phone, the angel just pass to the next person.
If you do well your sacrifice will be accepted

Gen 4:1-7 explains why Abel’s sacrifice was accepted and cain’s rejected.

I appeal that we do better. Get your fruits, do your service solemnly and go handle your business for the day. You owe no one any picture of your sacrifice been offered to God almighty.

NOTE: this is not to condemn anyone but for us to know that most of our enemies are on social media. When you post bundle ( Edidi) they understand your source already.

Written By Hon. Breakthrough Smith (JP).

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