Easter Reflection: The Decision Is Yours, Make The Right Choice Today

Before you say I’m reasoning like a Philosopher, do you know it took the people 5 days to go from singing ‘Hosannah’ to ‘Crucify him’?. Despite being the Treasurer of Jesus, He had access to the Money and everything else, He still went ahead to betray Jesus. Despite the fact that Jesus prayed personally for him, Peter denied Jesus before the soldiers. If all these things had not happened, would it have changed God’s plan of saving mankind?

This is a time to sit back and reflect on these things. Putting your trust in men will only bring disappointments, put your trust in God and trust Him, he has better plans for you. The passion week is not just a period to celebrate the communion, death and resurrection of Jesus. ‘Communion is communication’ . What happens to your iPhone when the battery is dead? Yes! You got the answer right. It’s useless.
Same applies to you. When you lose your communication with God, you are finished.

Search deep and make sure you are on the right path with God. He is ever ready to receive you but the question remains ‘Are you ready to return back to Him?’

If as an earthly parent you can afford to give your children the best of things (to your ability) how much more your father in heaven who is able to do exceedingly? He has a purpose for every man and dwelling in that purpose ascertains success in all areas of our lives. Read Joshua 1:8 and Deut. 28:1 and examine it critically.

God’s blessing comes with an instruction. Though simple but how is our willingness to comply? Easter is not just a period to celebrate but rather a period to reflect.

HELL IS REAL!!! He really wants you to be partakers in His kingdom. Bear in mind that “In God, there is partnership, it only depends on how you make use of your investments”.

The decision is yours. Make the right choice Today…

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OLUSOGA, Michael Ayomide

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