SPIRITUAL WORKS; Do You Think Orimolade, Babalola And Oshoffa Were Spiritualists? Read To Know

Based on the fact that I am receiving so much calls and mails asking me to WRITE or SPEAK concerning what ‘is’ collectively recognised and known as ‘SPIRITUAL WORKS’ among we Christians in ‘this’ part of the World, l have to make this submission before coming out with a ‘video’ to fully answer those questions.

Without going through ‘unending’ HISTORICAL BIBLICAL and SCHOLASTIC ‘adventures’, let me make my brief submission.

Though so many MINISTERS (mostly prophets) like to present themselves as spiritualists by claiming to know the lists of ingredients, items, contents, materials, statements and ways to perform Spiritual Works in order to solve some specific problems, THEIR ‘CLAIMS’ are not just LIES, they are also UNSCRIPTURAL.

Many of these individuals are always trying to hide behind the Levitical Laws and instructions given strictly to the Levites through Moses… forgetting that the Levitical submissions were not to SOLVE spiritual Problems for the JEWS but mainly for physical cleansing and sacred regulations needed to build a hygienic society and a balance mode of WORSHIP. Mind you, all these things were DESIGNED by God to POINT them to the coming MESSIAH-JESUS.

NOTE: If those Levitical collections were meant to solve their problems directly, Naaman would have been healed by one of the priests and not ELISHA. And JESUS would NOT have met all THOSE SICK PEOPLE among the JEWS when He came.

*Many others are always quoting the story of Naaman who was cleansed of his leprosy after the River Jordan’s phenomenon. And we must not forget how some will also be claiming that Jesus ‘spit’ on the ground and used the mud to heal a blind man. Were those two events some sorts of magical spiritual works? NO!

Naaman issue was to teach all the gentiles that we shall be made clean of our sin (leprosy) by being WASHED in the WORD of GOD. And the spit and mud phenomenon was used by JESUS to CONFIRM that HUMANS were indeed made from the DUST of the ground.

Let us now move closer to our ‘domain’ here.

ORIMOLADE, BABALOLA and OSHOFFA were three major MINISTERS that were used by God to Proclaim and to Manifest God’s Uncommon MIRACLES.

Majorly, these THREE MINISTERS were used by GOD to BLESS ‘things’ in the NAME of JESUS. WATER was actually a good example. And such ‘things’ became ‘contacts’ of blessing/miracles in uncountable lives. ‘ANYTHING’ they touched and blessed carried ‘power’ because they were BLESSED with RAW ANOINTING and POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT. We must not also forget that they were obedient, focused and dedicated.

And Why? God allowed these ‘Papas’ to do all those things BECAUSE the PEOPLE they were sent to EVANGELISED THEN were just getting to know the REAL POWER of GOD contrary to all the ritualistic traditions they inherited. God knew that their ‘faith’ would be small and that Orimolade, Babalola and Oshoffa needed time to show and to teach these early converts the words of God. REMEMBER, most of their early converts, members and followers did not have BIBLES or knew how to read.

ORIMOLADE, BABALOLA and OSHOFFA were not SPIRITUALISTS, THEY were MINISTERS of GOD. They were made ‘spiritual’ by the Spirit of God, but they were not spiritualists.

HOWEVER, after these ‘Papas’ departed, many fake Ministers started practicing ‘magic’ while presenting themselves as spiritualists. They started having ‘books’ where they were busy writing lists upon lists of magical items which they got from professional herbalists and they also they started reading various BABYLONIAN MAGICAL books. Behold, they started trying to use these SATANIC formulas to solve peoples’ problems.

These ‘Herbalists’ started using CHARMS and MAGICS, and after ASSISTING some of their clients to get ‘fake and temporary’ solutions to their problems from SATAN, they would be publicly claiming that they actually used GOD’S Power and ways in their Churches (Shrines).

Can JESUS be forced or made to perform HIS MIRACLES by formulas or by lists of ritualistic activities? NO!

Actually, what REAL MINISTERS can do is to just simply pray on some ‘items’ like water, oil, Perfumes, Candles, Mantles and some specific fruits for people who are of ‘SMALL’ FAITH or THOSE who are just GROWING in FAITH. GOD HONOURS such prayers based on the truth that we simply and strictly use the Name of JESUS to bless them.
*And this is not even EXPECTED to BECOME a permanent habit or practice.

We must NOT ALLOW all these ‘blind’ spiritual marketers to keep deceiving and manipulating people by presenting themselves as people with hidden formulas to solve problems while they are just secretly using satanic powers.

Anything beyond using the NAME OF JESUS to bless some few items is of the DEVIL.

MINISTER indeed should LEARN to encourage and to teach their members the words of God in order to produce FOLLOWERS that will grow beyond the level of expecting or using ‘items’ to stabilise their faith all the time.

◄ Matthew 7:22-23 ►
Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

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