False Doctrines! See What Papa Oshoffa Said About Growing Of Beards (Document Attached).

It is disheartening to see how some members especially Church elders have become religious extremists but I will simply tag them as ‘Ilana Gurus’.

This set of people have prioritised the Church Doctrines over the mission and vision of Celestial Church Of Christ which focus on Repentance and Salvation of Mankind. These Ilana Gurus have turned the Church to a cult-like assembly. There are many popular rules enforced on members but in actual fact, they are false doctrines that were neither approved by the Pastor Founder, Rev. S.B.J Oshoffa in his time nor affirmed by the Church Constitution/Authority.

This article will talk about one of them, which is ‘Growing of beards by the male members’.

Did You Know that; Growing Beard is actually NOT against CCC Doctrine/Tenet?

The document below attached to this post is a documented minute of a meeting held on the 12th, November 1981 at the Mission House, Ketu Lagos, where Papa Oshoffa was present.

See Document Below:

It is high time, this set of Church Elders and Ilana Gurus Stop Harassing The CCC Males with Beards. They need to prioritise the real message of Christ and practise only the documented Church rules, evident instructions from the Pastor founder and orders from the Church Central Authority.I will advice all male members having beards to keep their beards neat and moderate.

If anyone tries to question you, ask them respectfully to prove it biblically as a sin and also show you where it is recorded in the Church constitution or instructed by the Pastor founder.

May we not lose focus and miss the Kingdom of God in Jesus name.


Written by Seun Elijah

Document: CCC Archive

Image: Bro. Tomisin Olawale Jnr

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  1. Okay.
    First I thought there was no place I could comment. 😁

    The way this was proven is the way to go.
    Unfortunately if there is one thing I have discovered about CCC it’s the fact that the Bible is not the reason most of our tenets and practices were started.

    If this beards stuff was documented, the Bible would not be sufficient to prove that you should do otherwise. Sometimes we act as though we’re not a Bible believing. Church. To think that what we were founded to do is Evangelism. But here we are arguing about beards…

    Anyway… Thanks for sharing.your thoughts.

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