History Of How Baba BroBro Joined Celestial Church, His Relationship With Papa Oshoffa, And Achievements

Let’s do a little throwback of our Father in the Lord, The Celestial church of Christ Music Legend, Brobro … Alot of people are anticipating to know his biography and how he got into celestial.

On the job at Makoko, he would see lots of miracles happening through the servant of God, our Papa Oshoffa. This got him so in love with the church, that even after the close of work for the day, he would stay behind and attend church services in mofty. The news and reasons for his late home coming got to his family staying at Makoko and a serious argument struck. His uncle then would ask if his family history had at one point time told that any of the family members suffered a brain touch? And if No, why would he “Steve BroBro” take pleasure in joining such a gathering that pack mentally deranged people?

To the glory of God, our Late Rev. and Supreme Head A.A. Bada came into the scene and helped to resolve the matter and by the power of God, the family left BroBro to Celestial Church.

BroBro, never learnt on how to play any instrument neither on how to sing nor on how to write music sofas but to tell that God of Celestial is the only one true God who give strength to the weak and wisdom to the foolish, BroBro plays virtually all kinds of musical instruments and singing/vocaling, he carries with unmeasurable anointing. No wonder he was called and seen to be the first Celestial Vocalist.

Our beloved Papa S.B.J. Oshoffa would refer him as Akorin Mi meaning My Singer. Also Papa would often tell him that you “Akorin Mi, you’d build the house and I”Oshoffa” would roof it”. The meaning to this phrase is deeper than it appears. Let he with wisdom decipher this. He’s travelled far and wide bringing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to every door in music.

Music of repentance and soul winning to God’s kingdom. He’s been awarded series of awards home and abroad.

He’s rolled out at least 47 albums inclusive of collaboration with other gospel artistes. I Timothy 4:14-16.
He is still in the service, like he’s fond of singing one of his several song”ISE OLUWA NI MA A SE KU”. Meaning, IT’S THE WORK OF GOD THAT I WOULD DO TILL I DIE”. Philippians 3:13-14.

Credit: Steve_Brobro


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