Reminder; Prophets Are Humans Too

Over time, I’ve seen people consider Prophets as the solution maker to their problems – Financially, Maritally, In their Jobs and so on. It has gone to the level of students too. Students approach Prophets for special prayers, Pens, rings and so on to enable them excel academically.

Let me remind you, Prophets are humans too. This height at which the Prophetic ministry has been placed has made it a yardstick for the number of Prophets to grow. Apparently, individuals plunge into the Prophetic ministry without having a call and those that claim to have the call have no proper definition of what they have been called to do.

However, every individual who has been called into the ministry has been called to Fulfil a given task. Noah for example was called with the mandate of Building the Ark that would save mankind, Moses was called with the mandate of bringing the Israelites out of Egypt, Jesus came with the mandate of Salvation to the world, the apostles carried the mandate of Evangelism.

The question is “how well does the Contemporary Prophets understand their calling and the mandate?” It goes beyond the Blue girdle and the laced cape.

By Pro. Oluwadamilare_Ayomi_Michael Olusoga

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