Awake, Arise And Take Your Place, Celestial Church!

Out of the wilderness of cuffs we were brought forth.
Out of the desert of painful agony we were brought.

From the deep pit of torture we were raised,
From Egyptian’s death hollows our souls were lifted up.

Out of the prison of endless wants we got acquitted
Out of the big houses of hardship we received liberation.

From the pit of hellish experiences we were freed
From clamours and wails of we obtained serenity .

Out of the royal city of hades we acquired a letter of transfer
Out of dependence we moved into the planet of independence.

Why do we still walk in gross darkness?
Why do we still bathe in the mud of slavery?

Alas! Why are these waters colored red?
Why does the wind howl in melancholy?

Why does the heaven refuse to rain down rain?
Why does the sun stand still high up the sky?

Why does selfishness reign over loveness?
Why does darkness govern our lightness?

The ancient path of life we give not our feet to tread
Our lives we did refuse to lay in sacrifice.

Away, away, away, we have turned our backs!
The Source of solution we’ve forgotten.

Return, return, return each soul to Him
That His stormy wind of rage may be silenced.

Let’s cry loud and take this task up to dominate
To find the face of God through prayers.

In rightness, let’s wave off apathy and detestation

Cease your lips from despicable speaks about our palace.

Let’s free ourselves from the obvious shackles of evil
Let’s bring forth our light, let darkness flee.

Let’s reason together to make our Jerusalem better
Let’s love in oneness of unity unpartitioned.

Rise and take your place, Celestial Church.

By Deborah Odusanya
IG: de_lahgt

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