Celestial Church Cannot Be Destroyed. (All Members Must See This).

Alleluia, It is sardonic, lugubrious and disheartening seeing that the custodians of the ordinances of the Celestial Church of Christ are gradually joining their ancestors in the world beyond. And those that are left behind are far neglecting the ordinances. We are now left at a crossed road of “How do we go about the church?”

When my Dad was alive, often times did he sing this Old song by the then Kano choir:

“B’omode ba ma wi,
Won a ni wa r’ogo,
Wa r’ogo lai de Cele… Emi ti de Cele o,
Mo ti r’ogo igbala”.

In light to this Paul the apostle wrote that “There is the glory of the Celestial and the Terrestrial”. This suggests that Celestial Church has a glory of its own which cannot be Understood by a mere man and above all cannot be compared to the glory of any other church. As such, trying to bring the ordinances of other churches into Celestial Church is like mixing to incompatible things.

Today, we find people who go into the ministry without having a proper understanding of what the ordinances of the church are and gradually they are been swept under the carpet. And we wonder why don’t we get the desired results? The Bible says “my people perish because they lack wisdom”.

Over time, the Christiandom and CCC at large has been full of different people who go about carrying different teaching and doctrines of the church and gradually this is been passed down to the coming generation and this will continue is care is not taken. Obedience is one thing God will not joke with and disobedience He won’t take lightly. No amount of prayer and fasting will suffice for Disobedience.

Baptism, Anointment, Communion, The convocation at Imeko and so on hold a major role in the fold. But how be it for we have people who are not even baptized in the Celestial Church of Christ going for anointment. Talk less of a Shepherd anointing members within the Parish.

I talk like this because of what I have seen. Going by a document I laid hands on, and also interactions with some other elders in the fold, a member of the Celestial Church of Christ, must have been a member of a Parish three (3) years before Baptism and another three (3) years before anointment. Today, this has changed.

The young and upcoming Shepherds are not given to mentorship. Rather they try to do things the way it is done in other churches. God is the same yesterday, today and forever but when we have decided not to follow the path laid before us, we will keep getting a wrong result. Life is a process and all you need to do is follow the process to get the accurate result.

Every anointment comes with an assignment but rather today it has become just a ceremonial attire. Shepherds who anoint members within the church should take caution, Youths who feel they are too educated and want to transform the Church should take heed.

God saw that the Pastor Founder SBJ Oshoffa was not educated before he gave him the mandate of this fold. Being able to see into the mystery of the Celestial Church of Christ is being able to see into the divine agenda of God. Your level of Education, Wealth acquired and ecclesiastical positions has nothing to do with the divine agenda of God.

I am but a messenger of the Most High God, sharing His mind through my pen. Let us all sit back and have a rethink. There are three calibers of people in the Christian body as ministers today:

1. Those who have been called genuinely and ordained by God
2. Those who have been selected by the congregation
3. Those who have called themselves for the sake of putting daily bread on their table.

Every one of these people have a reward. No action will go unaccounted for. No wonder Paul the apostle wrote “Be not deceived Brethren, God cannot be mocked…”.

Shepherds who are meant to lead the masses to Christ are now going astray. Bending to the vices of the world. If the Shepherds are going astray, what would become of the congregation? It is time we all go back to God for divine guidance.

God still speaks, but are we listening? Celestial Church of Christ is not just a Fold. It is Jesus Christ Himself (CCC Hymn 330, stanza 2). Let’s not be deceived, Celestial Church of Christ cannot be destroyed, it is a City set on a hill that cannot be hidden. It is You and I who needs to retrace our steps.

God bless our understanding of Him.

By Pro. @Michael Ayomi-de Oluwadamilare Olusoga

_…voice of the pen_

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  1. Halleluyah all, may the Good Lord redirect our paths right. Most people today tag celestial with all sorts of immoralities, bad conducts and the likes. We are the church, the church is us and the change has to be from everyone of us. Peace

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