Eating of Snails & others are allowed in CCC. Only one meat is forbidden

We normally listen from church announcements that it is forbidden for CCC members to eat certain meats or food but it is surprising that you can not find them in the Church constitution and concrete biblical backup.

Please Listen well & Understand Papa in the Video attached before you criticise me or comment.

Video Of Papa Oshoffa

Meat Consumption: Only the eating of pig meat(pork) is forbidden in Celestial Church of Christ(CCC) as heard in the video from the Church Founder himself, Rev Pastor SBJ Oshoffa of blessed memory. He decided not to eat meats because of his health. The Founder had his personal reasons for not doing some things in his lifetime but should this be a basis on how CCC members live?

There was a certain adult harvest celebration of my former Parish few years ago when I was the Church secretary and was announcing the tenets and doctrines of CCC. I remember I mentioned Ewedu/Okra as forbidden food but immediately right there on the announcement pulpit, my lovely and humble shepherd whispered to me calmly from the Altar in the presence of all the elders; Ewedu or Okra is not compulsorily forbidden but only according the each member’s belief and spiritual message(s). The congregation noticed the systematic communication between me and the Altar area but I had to quickly restructure the information right there immediately and continue with the announcements. Ever since then I did some findings and came to realise that for tens of years even right from the time of Papa Oshoffa, the founder’s lifestyles and personal convictions have been mixed or I should rather say integrated into the Church doctrines and tenets.

It is high time we stop establishing Papa Oshoffa’s personal lifestyles as doctrines of the Church.
Papa really tried in his lifetime to separate his personal lifestyles/convictions from the Church doctrines given to him by the Holy spirit. And this video is one of the evidences. But today, many elders even right from the days of Papa have been teaching these wrong beliefs as the church doctrines. These have been passed down to younger generations in the Church.

There is need for new orientation concerning these related topics. I believe that If Papa did somethings because of his personal reasons and lifestyles and it is not found in the CCC Constitution or instructed vocally by him evidently(video) and publicly, then it is invalid for anyone, parish or shepherd to make it mandatory and doctrinal for members. What do you think?

As heard and noted by Papa in the video, even in Papa’s lifetime there were hypocrites and extremists who behaved as if they were more than him(founder). Many beliefs were imported into the Church from members’ former religions and convictions. They form rules and beliefs on their own based on these and the founder’s lifestyles. Such people still exist very much in the Church currently! Some will claim they walked with Papa and witnessed him saying how it should be. You and I know them very well in our various parishes and Church as a whole.

I want to suggest that the Church authority make official documents separating the Church doctrines and tenets as given to Papa by the Holy spirit and the personal lifestyles of him(Papa) backed up with evidences to the public. Information should be shared with Province Heads to pass it to shepherds in their jurisdiction. This will go a long way to curbing the excesses and extremism that make the church look like a secret cult and unbearable for many prospective CCC members, remember, we are the last boat of salvation to the world. Anyone can choose their foods and lifestyles like the founder’s but they should not be made compulsory on every other members.

Do comment if you have any observation or opinions.

By @SheunElijah

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  1. Very apt, I have had to correct all these hearsay injunctions infused into the Church doctrines without apologies. I have always insisted that Church secretaries should stick to the rules, tenets and doctrines embedded in the Church constitution and nothing more. Even the pork mentioned was for the ones sacrificed to the gods and not the ones anyone goes to buy in the open market probably to treat Children nutritional problem or personally preferred delicacy. Eating of reptiles too was surreptitiously infused into our announcements. It’s a pity anyone does as he likes without any standard from the TOP.

  2. This is a great update for member’s of ccc world wide. But this message is meant for Young spiritual once..

  3. Its actually good seening this cos most of the Shepherds and Elders are really leading alot of the sheep astray. Halleluyah

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