Lockdown or Not, abandoning the church is bad. Read to know why.

It is fact that we should all abstain from religious gathering for now but do this have to result in abandoning the church and neglecting the clergy? No! The church premises and clergy should not be forgotten.

The governments in Nigeria and some parts of the world have banned all religious gathering in order to reduce the effect of the pandemic ravaging the world. In Nigeria, the most affected states are Lagos, Ogun, Kano and Abuja. This pandemic known as corona virus(Covid19) first experienced in Wuhan China has put most activities in the world on hold. Lockdown on activities that engage crowd is widely adopted as key precaution to combat the spread of the deadly Covid19. Unfortunately this paralyzes religious activities which has in turn make people resolve to online service and house fellowship Alas the church premises is abandoned!

There is absolutely nothing bad if once or twice in two weeks you visit the church to do some sanitation for cleansing from dust, grass/weeds, dirty tiles, spider webs, dirty wares, dusty chairs etc. We all know the spiritual benefits and significance of cleaning the church premises. The house of God must be clean and holy at all times. Please note that I am not advicing you to go have church service. Do your sanitation, pray briefly in a silent mode at the mercy land afterwards and go back home.

The second point of this writeup is concerning our clergy. Most of them do not have other means of livelihood except from the church. Now that church programs are put on hold, how will they survive? Think about it and do something soon. Do check on them. You may choose to place calls to the church workers and send them any cash you can afford for them to manage. Even a call to check on them will brighten their day. Care for them this season, do not bother them with your problems. Do this and see how God blesses you.

Another important advice is that if your job is not affected by the Lockdown, that is, you are getting your salary or contracts steadily, please pay your tithes and be generous to the poor.

Have a rethink and take my advice on the points stated, you will wonder how enormously the lord will bless you. I am only making this as a reminder if you already know these things but forgot or nonchalant to them. Do not forget to always maintain social distancing, face masking, constant hand washing and other precautions directed by the government. May God save us all and cleanse the land soon. Amen.

By Seun Elijah

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