Going International, Leveraging Language In Pursuit Of CCC Mandate (Last Part)

The church has not been strategically focused on reaching the world and following through on the mission handed over to Oschoffa. Let us read further to understand as we go through the finishing part of this article.

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I am not certain we have details of the total number of worshippers we have in CCC. We however are aware that the church is widespread and has reached major continents. Outside of West Africa it is difficult to say that the church is a major force. It is estimated that there are over 1.3 billion catholic worshippers globally. We know that in Nigeria, we probably have one of the largest congregants and the Imeko Convocation is arguably the second largest gathering of people, second to the RCCG Convention. However even if we estimated the total number of worshippers at the same as the population of Nigeria, we are a far cry from evangelizing the world.

As a result of the location of most worshippers in the church the predominant language of worship is Yoruba followed by French, Egun and English. There are very few English-speaking parishes. Many of the parishes abroad also conduct major ministration using Yoruba. Indeed, there are predominant comments such as certain songs should be rendered in Yoruba for the Spirit to descend, a mindset that should not be encouraged. Yoruba language is a tribal language and not universally recognized. There is indeed nothing wrong in worshipping in Yoruba, however the more we conduct services and worship in Yoruba the higher the tendency to alienate non- speaking worshippers. Also, it will be difficult to reach out to people who do not use the language. Based on the statistics shared above if we aggressively used English and French in communication, we potentially, can impact the lives of 1.4 billion people globally. Therefore, the predominant mode of communication needs to fundamentally change to more globally recognized languages for us to be able to fulfil the mandate of reaching the world with the message of grace and Kingdom of Good which was laid on Oschoffa.

There is a need to leverage on technology in reaching out to the world. The mindset currently suggests that we pay substantial lip service to the mission of the church while expecting a miracle in its fulfilment. No one is actively converting messages to other languages and making them readily available to other tribes. No structured reach out through the social media platforms etc. The hymns by now should be in multiple global languages and in form of a multilingual app. Same with the order of service and the constitution. Imagine having a film of the acts and teachings of Oschoffa subtitled in multiple languages.

The church has not been strategically focused on reaching the world and following through on the mission handed over to Oschoffa. We have no data base of all the parishes and their locations neither are the structures and size regulated to ensure that minimum global standards are satisfied. We have no database of the shepherds and church workers to ensure that they can all be sent on critical mission and reached at any time. We have no missionary initiatives; church workers have no gratuity and pensions neither do they have standardized income but the lack of same leaves them scrambling for the few big churches.
In drawing this conversation to a conclusion, it is pertinent that the Church Authority adopts a globally acceptable widely understood language of communication as the official language for conducting services and rendering worship if we are to fulfil the mission of the church. Trivializing the subject means that we are not set to impact the world. In an era where conquest is no longer wars where whole nations are forced to learn new languages, we either nee to popularize our tribal Yoruba language globally which is almost impossible at this juncture or adopt the use of major global languages. This is where leveraging on English Language comes to the fore as one of the widely spoken languages. We can then have transcribed publication into other major languages. It is however time we began to bring out the best of our worship and making it known to the world. We have hidden this treasure for over 72 years, and it is time to make the required impact. If Jesus tarries it will be because the message of grace and the kingdom of God which was Christ focus and that of other Apostles, has not permeated the earth. We therefore currently score very low in this pursuit.

Read The First Part Of This Article (Leveraging Language In Pursuit Of CCC Mandate)

Prophet Lloyd worships at CCC Lagos Central Parish. He focuses on growing the message of the Kingdom of God among the youth of the Church.

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