Leveraging Language In Pursuit Of CCC Mandate; Does It Affect The Church Expansion?

There is a reason why I am delving into this topic today. I believe it is germane to the realization of CCC mission with respect to evangelizing the world. I will get to that. It is pertinent to focus on a logical approach to this madness I am about to get into because the next thing we will see will be people talking about the things of faith being subjected to logical thinking. Let me put it out there that this is a logical approach and it is deliberate. However, there is a method to this madness.

“Language / ‘langgwij/ noun (1a) the ability to make and use audible, articulate, and meaningful sound by the action of the vocal organs. (b) a systematic means of communicating ideas or feelings, by the use of conventionalized signs, sounds, gestures, or marks that have understood meanings” (English Dictionary, Penguin reference, Penguin Books, 2001).

It is the wish of God to send you on an errand of preaching to the world. Many nominal Christians there are who, when confronted by difficulties and problems of this world, they run after fetish priests and other powers of darkness for all kinds of assistance. Consequently, on their death they cannot see Christ, because by their action, Satan has left a spiritual mark on them (CCC Constitution executed 29 March 1980). This was the mandate received by Oschoffa as stated in clause 24 of the CCC constitution.
Clause 16 of the constitution can be paraphrased as follows; On the 23 of May 1947, the day of the eclipse of the sun, as I was praying in the Foreston this trip, I heard a voice and could not open my eyes. The voice I heard was Luli and the voice also gave the meaning as the grace of Jesus Christ. When Oschoffa heard this voice, he noticed that he felt quite different and then there was subsequently a complete change in him. He wandered in the forest for 3 months as he could not paddle a canoe and his paddler ran away. After this Oschoffa healed Kudiho who was at the point of death. At this juncture, people wanted to follow him to his church, but he informed them that he did not have a church. In clause 24 cited above, was the actual commencement of the ministry and a confirmation of the 23 May 1947 vision and empowerment of Oschoffa.

Why have I gone through the CCC Constitution to present the above? It is simple. CCC is founded on the message of grace and the Kingdom of God based on clause 16 and 24 of the constitution (see Acts 20:24-25). This was a similar mandate that Paul articulated in the bible as a message he primarily preached. According to various writers and the bible, Paul was well schooled and a Pharisee. As a result of him not being able to go to many places, he wrote a lot of letters. Counting the 27 books of the New testament about 13 books are attributable to Paul though 7 are taken as being entirely authentic. Those writings form the crux of the New testament. Paul has become the most celebrated of the Apostles. His letters have gone all around the world many times and in different languages. His message or his mission continuous to expand globally. Can we learn from this? I believe the answer will be yes.
If we separate various apostles, we will say that Paul has left a legacy that ensures that the message he preached continues to expand. We can therefore say it is about the message. This message is critical, and the message must be conveyed in a language that people will understand. This brings us back to the issue of language.
Let’s go to the Tower of Babel. Remember the story? The people came together to construct a building that will get to the heavens to preserve their legacy and name. God looked at them and said this thing that they have decided to will happen and so He confused their language.
The question I ask myself is why did he choose to confuse their language? Why did he not make them fight and kill themselves? Why did God not do something else? Why did he focus on the language? I believe that it was strategic on God’s part. A global impact requires a language that everybody globally understands. Language is of essence. It is critical. It is “sine qua non” the instrument of propagation of ideas.

The activities that happened to Oschoffa happened in Port Novo and not Nigeria. Many of the hymns were sung in either Egun or in Yoruba (even by people who did not speak Yoruba, SBJ Oschoffa, The Enigmatic spiritual leader of our time, Edith Oschoffa, 2014, pp 30 in reference to hymn 901 as an example). Clearly there were foundational miracles that showed that language was important. The church continued to expand and then got into Nigeria through Makoko, Lagos, a Yoruba speaking community. It is therefore not surprising that there is an increasing use of Yoruba in the conduct of service especially in Lagos and the Western part of Nigeria. I recollect that even the English hymns were for many years substantially fewer in number than the Yoruba hymns (especially in the 70’s and 80’s). Recently there have been interpretation of the hymns into English Language. English is the official language of Nigeria. It is widely spoken globally. See below top ten spoken languages in the world culled from the internet;

English. 1.132 billion total speakers.
Mandarin Chinese. 1.117 billion total speakers.
Hindi. 615 million total speakers.
Spanish. 534 million total speakers.
French. 280 million total speakers.
Standard Arabic. 274 million total speakers.
Bengali. 265 million total speakers.
Russian. 258 million native speakers
Portugese. 234 million speakers
Indonesian. 199 million speakers
Now for a church seeking to make a global impact the “language issue” needs to be strategically discussed. Leveraging on my earlier comment on Apostle Paul and how the bible is widespread, it is essential that CCC begins to strategically consider how to fulfil the mission of evangelizing the world. You will notice that the top ten spoken languages cover over 4.9b people of a total population of just over 7.7 billion. We consider the following;

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Prophet Lloyd worships at CCC Lagos Central Parish. He focuses on growing the message of the Kingdom of God among the youth of the Church.

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