Ladies! Don’t be the toilet everyone sits and pour out their mess on

Lady: Hey sweetheart I’m pregnant!
Guy: Wow! It’s cool but you know we are not ready for this, let’s get rid of it, another one will come….
Lady: Ok love, you know I will do anything for you.

Don’t ruin your life because you think you are sacrificing for love, you are only sacrificing your future.
How sure are you that he is going to marry you after several abortions you’ve had?
Even if he eventually makes you his wife, and you are unable to conceive. Do you think his manhood would stopped working outside your bed too?

A man who keeps encouraging you to have abortions have nothing good for you.
He knows he is not ready to be a father, he should have stayed off or protect himself.
You as a lady must be smart, you shouldn’t be blinded by love. Taking care of a child alone is not easy, abortion is not worst! A big risk.
Plan your life well. Don’t be the toilet everyone sits and pour out their mess on.
Think Deep!

By Igbagboyemi Tosin

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