Essential Things Women Should Never Neglect In Marriage

The creation of a Man took a process and God Made him the head, out of his ribs came a Woman (A finished product). Right from that day, MAN has always been the head. The helpmate and Soulmate is the Woman.

Men need special Care and attention just as women need to be cared for.
Some men cheat but when you shower your man with attention, care and good food with adequate supports, he will always be your number one fan except the man is not disciplined enough.
Caring for Him starts with cooking him great meals. Learn new recipes, know his favourites. Cooking for your man should not be a problem or burden. Some men do not even know the taste of their wife’s soup, because they hardly eat at home. She doesn’t cook often, and even when she does, it is not delicious. Husbands of such women can tell the taste of the food they buy outside their homes, they even recommend the place for others to visit. Your husband should always miss your food when you travel even for a day.

Don’t be the best bed partner alone, nor supporting partner, Be a good cook too.
We have some men who does not eat outside until they get home because they know their delicious food is waiting for them.
Do not be too busy to cook for him. You weren’t too busy to do that when you were just courting with him, so why hesitate now?

Now let’s talk on how you Dress: Dressing attracts Men. Don’t dress like an old woman whose husband is gone forever. Be smart, dress well but don’t go naked, look presentable, don’t go round the house with wrapper and a blouse that doesn’t match. Use deodorants, smell nice to him, don’t go to bed with a dirty body and you begin to irritate him. “Package yourself well!”. We have some men who love buying their women all these beautiful tops and lingerie but their wives won’t wear, they act like a woman who had born a Nation. Dress well and take care of your body.
Remember, your Man is still your first Baby. That crazy idea that your children are your only priority is not accepted. Before them, your man was the Baby you showered care and love on. Now that you have been blessed with Children, don’t ignore your husband, balance it instead. Make him feel like that Baby you once treated him like, love him and let him feel like a King.

Cc Sis Igbagboyemi Tosin

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