An Important Note To All Single Ladies. A rich man and a ready man is never the same.

When a poor guy talks to you, you say GOD forbid but when a rich guy drives around you say Oh my GOD!!!!!. When the RIGHT man comes you pushed him to the LEFT.

You said you want security that is why you only date the rich. If a man does not have today doesn’t mean he will be poor for life.

See my dear, There’s more to love than money alone.

No matter how much money a man gives you, if he makes your life miserable that’s the beginning of the end.

A man who wins your love with money alone may never have any respect for you and treat you like one of his assets he acquired by cash.

Of course any romance can be miserable without finance, but getting married to the rich doesn’t guarantee happiness in life.

My Advice,
Never make money your only priority when choosing a man.

It is true.
Prayers make things happen. Always pray to GOD to direct your path when choosing a man. Put your hopes in GOD and not in men.

Wise women do not pray for a rich husband, they pray to be rich and successful and then get a good man who will truly love them till the end of time.

Always have a second and third look at every 1st impression, some things are not GOLD they only glitter. Perhaps those women who say they will rather cry bitterly inside a BENTLEY than laughing happily in a TOYOTA has never experienced the true matrimonial pains of life.

It is better to live happily in the village than to be miserable and sad in the city.

Single ladies,
Looking for a rich husband is one of the reasons many women will remain single for long.

A rich man and a ready man is never the same.

A man can have all the money in this world but not ready to settle down with you but a ready man will make it work regardless of how little he has.

Of course some men are ungrateful, you will endure with them when they had nothing but after making it they leave you to marry another woman. (this won’t be your portion in Jesus name!)

Never ever put your own life on a permanent hold while enduring with any man in life.

Never fall for a man’s height without checking his heart.

A short but GOD fearing man with beautiful heart is far better than a tall guy with a heart of beast.

In a relationship the word SECURITY has a totally different meaning……..Most women got the meaning wrongly and their marriage turns to bondage and many heart desires become a life disaster. When the foundation is poor, collapse is inevitable.

Be wise, good luck.

Extracted from Whatsapp BC.

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