You Need No Prophets. Be Your Own Prophet By Doing These

People do ask why prophets or prophetesses don’t prophesy in vigils or revivals like in the old days and also conclude that they have dropped in the spirit.
Thus my reply;

In situations like this two things are involved.
1. They might have lost their connection to their gift of prophecy and are just the shadow of their former selves.

2. They might have upgraded to the level of the gift of authority in the word and needed not to shake or shout before declaring that authority. Let me tell you something, there is total difference between messenger (ojise) and Prophet (Woli). A messenger is limited to a gift of giving messages if he or she likes. A prophet is not limited to message delivery. The gift of a prophet is unlimited and the more you relate with the Holy Spirit the more you are exposed to spiritual gifts. And as you face spiritual challenges and overcome, the more you grow in power and spirit. Miracles are for baby Christians who do not really have solid relationship with Christ yet. A matured Christian works in and with faith like the 3 Hebrew men. You cannot expect a university graduate to be speaking like a primary school pupil.

The office of a prophet is not dogmatic like we think it to be. Yes there are fake prophets and prophecies but they operate in the level of the baby Christians because that is the only people they can deceive. A 10 year or 20 year celestian still going for Isona is a baby Christian; take it or leave it. Why limit yourself to the mercy of prophets and pastors when you can ask, search and knock by yourself (matt7:7)?. At seekers’ service you will not attend but you can queue up for Isona and you claim to be a real celestian? Oh yes you are by name but still a baby. Please grow up. Get matured through the word of God and be your own prophet.

By Prophet Santos Adeniyi Martins


  1. Wow! Absolute truth. Whoever is handling this “weintheccc” page is spiritually filled with the proper direction of the Holy Spirit. You are a Rare celestian and I respect you. God bless you he/she.

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