Writers Needed. Showcase your skills and pass your messages to thousands…

Information is power and key. Many ideas and knowledge are needed in the development of our lives, CCC etc. WeinTheCCC is the platform to showcase and disseminate prolific information. If you are a good writer who’s willing to volunteer in writing for us, then we really need you. Of course at every post you write through our website will have your name as the author/writer.

✍️Are you a writer(Volunteer); with ideas and knowledge to write of CCC, Life, Health issues, inspirations, gospel, business and Other Topics? Writer’s Credit is assured.

👉This is an opportunity to showcase your talents and pass your messages to thousands of people through our website, Social media platforms and large whatsapp/Telegram broadcasts.

👍Kindly Email us Your NAMES, LOCATION and CATEGORIES of interest now to weintheccc@gmail.com or Whatsapp 09090302010 to apply.
Check www.weintheccc.com


  1. I am a writer and I have a lot to tell the world and Celestials all over the globe.
    Celestial church is indeed a global church.
    Falade Oluseyi Solomon
    I am also on Facebook.
    Thank you.

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