See What You Don’t know About How ‘Holy Mary Day’ Started In CCC.

At this juncture, the Pastor realised that the fair lady was *Holy Mary.* She repeated the injunction in song thus:

Spiritual song (Hymn) 637 “Jesu, Emi , mimo ni, d:-s:-:-:-d: iii:rn:m:r:-:-:- Okan Mimo ni, r:d:m:M:r:-:-:- Oba iye ni, r:r:d:d:r:-;-:- Eni ba fe sin Jesu m:s:s:s:r:ni:d:d:s:

Gbodo tona to mo rekete”. s:r:r:d:d:d:-:-: Continuing, she told the Pastor that he should remain undaunted by the colour of her skin because race is of no significance in things of the Spirit. She added: “Okan mimo re la nwo ti a fi ngbe inu re.” Meaning: “It is because of your clean mind, and clean heart that we dwell in you”.

Almost exactly a year after the incident described above, the Pastor fell ill during which it was spiritually revealed (also in trance) that due recognition shall be accorded to Holy Mary in the Celestial Church of Christ by commemorating the above incident annually.

Reference : Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide Constitution.

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