DON’T Give The Church A bad Name

—Don’t give people the reason to paint the church A Home of Harlot because of the way you dress and behave outside.

—Don’t give them a good reason to call the church Demonic because of what you do around. The Word of God is enough for you to use for any thing you want to do. Stop threatening people with candlestick.

— practice what you preach.
Your Garment preach Holiness to everyone that sees you wearing it, you should live a decent life even after pulling it off… People already know you with the Garment.
— Don’t give them the Reason, the Chance to call the Celestial Church Of Christ DEMONIC AND A PLACE WHERE PROSTITUTES ARE BREED UP.

Represent the Church Well wherever you find yourself, Your Garment is not for Show off .It is your Identity Card. If you can’t convince the people around you with your lifestyle, How will you tell them that The Church is of Christ?

Think About This..

By Igbagboyemi Oluwatosin