Imeko Our Jerusalem, but…

I can imagine a #ThrowBack of how the Basilica looked like few years back without roof, tiles and other good features. Now the basilica and other development have reached near completion last year.

#Year2019 is the year of completion and total victory. Celestial Church Of Christ(CCC) CITY Imeko is our Jerusalem. We love it. CCC is progressing.

Let us be proud of our Celestial heritage. It doesn’t matter which tribe, race, faction, division or country you come from. Once you are a CCC member, you have the privilege and right to join thousands of celestians and non-celestians annually at the CCC Holy City of Imeko. The CCC city is the place which the Founder, Rev. SBJ Oshoffa had ordained and blessed for us before his demise. #WeinTheCCC are indeed blessed to be part of this great commission.

#Year2019 is here. Make up your mind, make Imeko December pilgrimage part of your 2019 plan now, and prepare for #Imeko2019 .

You must have been hearing of the massive development going on at the CCC World Headquarters especially of recent. Well, you can get some information at our posts but it’ll be more adorable and memorable if you come to this year’s convocation and have the #Imekoexperience yourself.

The breeze had blown. We love the new settlement. Though the process is gradual, we appreciate God and await more of these good tidings. Let us all forgive eachother, put away our pride, reminisce the mission and vision of the church, come together as one and make ours the greatest church all to the glory of God. Can you imagine how marvelous and magnificent it would be if there is just one big family with proper organisation to accommodate us all in love, peace and true purpose? I have a dream of that.

God bless CCC. God bless us all. Amen.

A piece by SeunElijah for CCC Worldwide