Be A Good Ambassador Of CCC

If you are in celestial Church because of the glamour, because of the beautiful Sutana fitting, because the Grace is going to cover you ,Because the prophets will see the vision of the things that is about happening to you, because of the beautiful faces then you are wrong.
Yes You are meant to enjoy all these things but you have to work for it… Be A Good Ambassador
Preach the Gospel not only on social media, but wherever you find yourself.
Let your character and behavior show you are one of the chosen vessels to cleanse the world.
If people are reproaching and saying bad things about the church because of your dirty acts and ways then you are not a true Son, you are not worth being called a Celestial member . A true Son will not want his father’s name spoilt rather uplift it.
Be A Good Ambassador of the Church.

By Igbagboyemi Tosin

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