I want you to read with spiritual eyes and not just mere reading.
This is one of our major recitations every sunday in all Celestial Church of Christ world wide.

Here is the phrase “THE ENEMIES OF THIS CHURCH SHALL LICK THE DUST” right? Good! (Psalm 72:9)

Here comes the unique question: who are the enemies of this church called Celestial?

(1). The first enemy of this church is YOU, as a member of the church who is destroying the image of the church with your bad characters such: Threatening people with candles, your character is nothing to talk about before your neighbors, barbaric acts etc.

(2). Those who preach against Celestial Church of Christ, surely they do, they tried as much as possible to condemn this church but they failed to realize that they can’t bring condemnation to the work of God.

Conclusion :
Every members of this church must work hard with a pure heart not just mere saying, take responsibility for redefining the image of this great church.

I pray the God in His infinity mercy will grant us the real wisdom to do the right thing at the right time.

Copyright © 2016 by Prophet Fisayo Joel.

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